Mini Deluxe Plegable LED Aqua

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The first glow-in-the-dark scooter. 

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The Mini Micro has been voted Toy of the Year numerous times by parents. This sports toy not only encourages movement and exercise, but also helps children improve balance, coordination, and fine motor skills. The handlebar designed in the shape of a T makes driving safer and has a safety lock that means that only adults can remove it for storage. It has a patented tilt-rotate  system. The platform is made of fiberglass which gives it strength and flexibility. It also includes embossed rubber letters that are non-slip, making it easier to handle the scooter and giving our little ones extra security. Last but not least are its innovative LED wheels. These work through a dynamo, so they do not require batteries, but only work when we move. They emit a bright white light that, in addition to being fun for our little ones, gives them security by being seen more easily in times of darkness.

  • Suitable for ages 2-5
  • Now tested for up to 50 kg
  • New height-adjustable handlebar (height 1 – 51 cm, height 2 – 68 cm)
  • Protective anodised stem with modern stylish look
  • Unique deck with raised silicone Micro grip
  • Intuitive ‘lean and steer’ turn develops balance and co-ordination.
  • Lightweight aluminium frame with a flexible deck
  • Sensitive brake ingeniously designed to bring the scooter to a gentle halt at the slightest pressure on it.
  • 3 wheels and sturdy deck for stability.
  • Stem can be removed
  • Product weight: 1.95kg

The safest set of fun wheels for your child

Age range
2-5 years
Max. load
50 Kg
2 Kg
Ø front wheels
Ø back wheels
Handlebar height (cm)
48 - 68

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