Terms and conditions for the use of this web 

1. General

Using this web page and/or registering on it as a client supposes the acceptance of these conditions.

2. Web page property

This web page is a property of Avetec S.L. All the rights for its content, images, texts, design and software are the property of Avetec S.L.

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3. Use of the content 

Otherwise explicitly authorized by Avetec S.L., you cannot reproduce, transmit or exploit the content of this web page in any way.

4. Liabilities

4.1. Despite all the effort taken by  Avetec S.L. to guarantee the precision and accuracy of the content of this web page it might contain mistakes and inaccuracies. As a consequence of this there is no guarantee for the accuracy, reliability or exactitude of the content.

4.2. Avetec S.L. refuses the responsibility for the third party information contained on their web pages and connected via links to the web pages of Avetec S.L.

4.3. In no circumstance Avetec S.L. will be responsible for any type of damage or harm caused by or related to the use of this web page.

4.4. You might be obliged to indemnify without any prior authorization any damage or harm to  Avetec S.L. resulted from your non-compliance to the present terms and conditions for the use of the content of this web page.

5. Divisibility

In case any stipulation of the present terms and conditions lacks validity or becomes invalid, results non-executable according to the applicable law, the aforementioned stipulation will not have effect to the only extent of this precise lack of validity and will not affect any other stipulation of the present terms and conditions .

6. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are to be interpreted and governed by the Spanish law in force. Any dispute derived from these terms and conditions will be settled at the Courts of Madrid, Spain. Nevertheless, the latter shall not impede Avetec S.L. from the right to resolve any legal dispute within the other competent legislation.

7. Modifications

Avetec S.L. reserves the right to change the contents of this web page at any moment without prior notice.